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  • Michal Rataj (foto Karel Cudlín)
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Michal Rataj (born 1975) is composer, performer and sound designer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He composes mainly electroacoustic and chamber or orchestral instrumental music and receives performances throughout Europe and broadcasts worldwide. Recently he has been active as real-time performer of his acousmatic music and he gives sound performances alone or with different music partners.

Rataj is associated professor of electroacoustic music at the Department of Composition, Academy of Performing Arts and at the NYU in Prague. He studied musicology (Charles University, Prague) and composition (Academy of Performing Arts, Prague) with prof. Ivan Kurz and prof. Milan Slavický. He also went to study in Egham (UK) and Berlin (D) and as a Fulbright Scholar he conducted research in Center For New Music And Audio Technologies at University of California, Berkeley, CA in the academic year 2007 – 2008. He has worked as a radio producer at the Czech Radio since 2000, where he has produced over 100 original radioart works with artists from around the world. He also formed rAdioCUSTICA radioart archive there. He was a member of the EBU Ars Acustica Group, his music has been broadcast worldwide and performed throughout Europe and in the USA.
As a film music producer he has composed over 40 soundtracks for TV and cinema since 2000.


Composition Creation year Score Recording Available
in HIS
in ČRo
Basso Spatio 2017 Score
Corde, Lingua, Voce
version for flute, cello and piano
Corde, Lingua, Voce 2006
Dreaming Life
Electroacoustic composition
Elementary Inside
for flute solo and ensemble
2009 Score
Elementary Me
for flute solo
2009 Score
Enjoying Small Things
for solo piano
2011 Score
Ether - Sound - Escape
for ensemble + electronics
2010 Score
Fanfare 2019
Hearing First
Elektroacoustic composition
2005 Audio
Hearing Heart 2005 Score
I nad vítr jsem marnější
Elektroacoustic composition
Invito (Načalo)
for gregorian chant schola
2007 Score
Looking for what...? 2004 Score
Elektro-acoustic composition
Migrating Pencil 2013
Silence Talking
for flute and live electronics
2008 Score
for piano and orchestra
EXIT (towards the light)
for clarinet, cello, double bass and percussions
2012 Score
of Hidden Voice
dedicated to James Umble
2006 Score

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