Obrovská Jana

  • Obrovská
Year of Birth - Death :
1930 - 1987 †
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The composer Jana Obrovska devoted herself exclusively to instrumental music. In her teenage she had private piano lessons with outstanding teacher B. Kabelacova-Rixova, and lessons from music theory with composer J. Ridký. Then she studied composition at the Prague Conservatory with M. Krejci and E. Hlobil (1949 - 1955). Her graduation composition (Piano Concerto No. 1) revealed a remarkable creative talent. During her futher career she prefered to write in the traditional forms of concerto-like style which were closest to her artistic personality, because they suited her feeling for characteristic individuality of chosen instruments for which she managed to find a firm - classical or baroque - structure.
Her orchestral and chamber works do not solve only a purely compositional problem, given by unusual use of instruments, but also an attractive expressional point, requiring innovation of traditional taste. She devotes special attention to compositions for guitar in which she strives for a synthesis of modern-type invention with traditional guitar stylisation. She received for her guitar works several awards abroad, e.g. the prize in the 1972 \'Concours international de guitarre\' in Paris for Passacaglia und Toccata for guitar. Her piece for solo guitar Hommage a Bela Bartok - which became compulsory in the said Paris competition in 1975 - has found a place in the repertory of European guitarists. Her orchestral and chamber scores are appreciated by critics for their unusually colourful imagination which underlines the effect of her lyrical or meditative sections, suitably contrasted to lively, refreshing rhythms in harmoniously balanced and emotionally rich compositions.