Lejsek Vlastimil

  • Lejsek
Year of Birth - Death :
1927 - 2010 †
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The composer, pianist and teacher Vlastimil Lejsek was born into a family of respected musicians. He started to learn the piano with Josef Blatny, later with Frantisek Schaefer, Frantisek Maxian, composition privately with Zdenek Blazek. He was well known for his concert activity, especially in piano duo with his wife Vera. There was a long-standing cooperation with orchestras, gramophone companies (e. g. Supraphon, Panton, Eterna), as well as present-day recording companies, they made many recordings for radio in his homeland and abroad - Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Rumenia, Switzerland, USSR a.o. Many composers wrote their compositions for him or his duo, and he has premiered a lot of compositions by Czech and foreign composers. He was a teacher at the Brno Conservatory (as an externist), and at the Janacek Academy of Music in Brno he wa teaching piano playing, piano duo, piano history, and improvisation (from 1955 to 1987). He has also given lectures, workshops, interpretation courses, participated in competition juries, founded the International Schubert Competition for Piano Duos in Jesenik in 1978 (it takes place biennially, last time in 2009).