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Koželuhová, Jitka  composer, pianist, singer, music teacher and choirmaster, born 19th November 1966, Prague
Studied playing the piano, singing and composing music (under Ilja Hurník) at the Music Conservatory in Prague (1981-90). She continued her studies composing music at the Academy of Musical Arts with Petr Eben (1990-94) and Svatopluk Havelka (1994-95). She received several awards at the composers´competition Generation (1992, 3rd prize, Behold, I stand at the door; 1993, 1st prize, Three Movements about the Story of  Christmas; 1995, 3rd prize, Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters ) and she was the winner of chosen compositions set by Katholikentage Dresden (1994, ecumenical service music). She became a member of the Association for Contemporary Music Přítomnost (1995) and the leader of Christian Community ecclesiastical music in Stuttgart (2002, Die Christengemeinschaft) for which she composed dozens of choral and instrumental compositions. She is also a member of the Association of Czech Composers (2015). Several of her compositions were recorded by Czech Radio. She regularly performs at solo singing and piano concerts. Since 1998 she has been organizing musical-phenomenological courses for the public called Conscious Singing. She has been a permanent teacher at Sophia School in Slovakia and a visiting senior lecturer at the Free University for Waldorf Teachers in Stuttgart.
Duettinos for two flutes (1985).
Partita for woodwind quartet – flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon (1986).
Variation on a folk song theme for flute and piano (1987).
Don Quijote, burlesque for cello and bassoon (1987).
Sonatica Romantica for oboe and piano (1987).
Trio for violin, cello and piano (1988).
Images, for string quartet (1990-91, premiere Prague 1992).
Behold, I stand at the door..., trio for flute, cello and piano (1992, premiere Prague 1993).
Mini-suite for saxophone quartet (1992, premiere Prague 1992).
Three Movements about the Story of Christmas for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano (1993,  premiere Prague 1994).
Sonata da chiesa for woodwind instruments, organ and percussions (also version for organ and percussions, 1994, premiere Salzburg 1996).
For the Angels for 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, piano and string quartet (1996, premiere Ensemble Eric Satie, Paris 1997).
Night contemplation for 2 violins and double-bass/cello (1997, premiere Přítomnost, Prague 1997).
And on and on Hallelujah is Heard for cello and piano (1998, preview Riga 1998;  premiere Bonn 1998).
Rhapsody for violin and piano (1999, premiere Prague 1999).
Hymnus I. for cello and piano (2001).
Hymnus II. for string trio (2004-05,  premiere Prague premieres 2007).
Hymnus III. for harp and piano (2005, premiere Days of Contemporary Music, Prague 2008).
Hymn for trumpet trio (2008).
Hymnus IV., The Song for the Sun for trumpet and organ (2009, premiere Goetheanum 2009).
Hymnus V. for string quartet (2009, premiere Stuttgart 2009).
Thanksgiving. Motifs of One Life for flute, clarinet, 2 violins, cello and piano (2010, premiere Stuttgart 2010).
Peace for All... for viola and piano (2010, premiere Stuttgart 2010).
Longing, song cycle for soprano and piano on the folk lyrics of various nations (words in Czech language, 1987).
Six songs for soprano and piano (words by Emily Dickinson, 1991, premiere Prague 1992).
Ich habe den Menschen gesehen (I perceived the true appearance of man), 4 songs for baritone and chimes (words by Christian Morgenstern, 1993, premiere Prague 1994).
Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters..., chamber cantata on the words of prophet Isaiah for alto, baritone, English horn, piano and percussion (1995, premiere at the festival Old Testament in Art, Prague 1995).
Three chants about time for female vocal sextet, clarinet and piano (French words Isidore Dalla Nora, 1997-98).
For you, my Love, madrigal on the words by Jacques Prévert for mixed choir (Czech translation, 1988, premiere Prague 1991).
Stones, cycle of three female choirs (French words by Isidore Dalla Nora, 1992, premiere Bourg-en-Bresse 1993).
Out of the depths I cry for 2 reciters (male and female voice), mixed choir and organ (words Huub Osterhuis, German and Czech versions, 1994, premiere Hofkirche, Dresden 2004).
Maria durch den Dornwald ging, arrangement of a German Christmas song for a mixed choir of four voices, in German original (1994, rev. 2015).
Jezu Kriste, ščedrý knieže,  fantasia  for a mixed choir of four voices on an ecclesiastical song by Jan Hus, Old Czech original (2015).
Giving me a headache, arrangement of a Moravian folk song for a mixed choir a capella (2015).
Concertino for piano and orchestra (1989, premiere Prague 1990).
Inner voice, musical image for viola and symphonic orchestra (1994-95,  premiere Philharmonic Orchestra Hradec Králové, 1996).
Symphony (2006-08, premiere at: Prague Premieres, 14 March 2009).
Hymnus II. (version for string orchestra, kettledrum and percussion, 2014).
Sonatina for piano (1986).
Concealed Sorrow, piano fantasia for four hands on the motif of Rondo Op 84 by Franz Schubert (1994, premiere Braunschweig 1996).
Tones I., three compositions for piano (2003-04, premiere Stuttgart 2004).
Music for the stage
The Threshold Guard, music for ecclesiastical drama by Rudolf Steiner (2001, premiere Bonn 2001).
The Awakening of Souls, music for ecclesiastical drama by Rudolf Steiner (2002-03, premiere Weimar 2003).
The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, music for the fairy tale by Johann Wolfgang Goethe (2004-05, premiere Bonn 2006).
K 7: Behold, I stand at the door (Kairos 1993).
Stories in Silence : Chanson, Tao (Best I.A. 1995).


Composition Creation year Score Recording Available
in HIS
in ČRo
Variations on a Theme of a Folksong for flute and piano 1987
Inner Voice
musical image for viola and symphony orchestra
Ho! Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters...
little cantata on words from the Book of Isaiah for alto, baritone, cor ingl., piano and percussion
Out of the Depths have I cried
for mixed choir, organ and two reciters
Concealed Sorrow
piano fantasia for four hands on the motif of Rondo Op 84 by Franz Schubert

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