Zemek (Novák) Pavel vlastním jménem Novák

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Marian Variations
for piano, violin, viola and cello
Seven Words of our Redemptor on the Cross (3rd string quartet)
for two violas, cello and double-bass
Snížek, sníh...
for French horn
Druhá trenodie
for English Horn (in memory to E. Hemingway)
Temnou nocí
for soprano, viola, double-bass, piano and percussion
Quartet - Unison No. 2
In Memory of Jan Zajic. For clarinet, violin, viola and cello
Mariánské květiny
Consonance for piano
Seven Words of Christ on Cross
for clarinet solo
Symphony No. 4
Unison for orchestra
Symphony No. 2
Passion after St John
Druhá trenodie
Version for soprano saxophone
for Solo Cello No. 1
for Tuba and Piano
March for 2 Tubas
from the burlesque
Symphony No. 5
Unison 1 - 12
Contrasts I
for 4 saxophones
Variations over Incantations by B. Martinu
for cello, piano and harp
Dekamerón z Moravy
10 skladeb pro hoboj a klavír
Unison for tenor, clarinet, cello and piano
Sixty Steps for piano
to R. Scruton's 60th Birthday

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