Zámečník Evžen

Year of Birth - Death :
1939 - 2018
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Evzen Zamecnik studied violin and composition at the Brno Conservatoire (1956-61), and then he entered the Janacek's Academy of Perfoming Arts to study composition with Jan Kapr, graduating in 1968 with a one-act opera called the Farce of a Tub. He continued his composition studies while on a two-year's scholarship at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik with Gunter Bialas (1968-70), and completed his studies in the postgraduate work with Jiri Dvoracek at the Prague's Academy of Performing Arts (1974-79). After having been employed as a violinist in Brno's Janacek's Opera Theatre he moved on to the Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra, where he remained for 10 years. In 1982 he established the Brno Brass Band (BBB) chamber ensemble and became its music director and conductor. Until now he has composed a great number of pieces for this ensemble, both composing new works of his own and arranging works by other composers. He also worked as a repertory manager of the opera company at the National Theatre in Brno for five years. In 1992 he was appointed the artistic director of the Brno Conservatory (until 2002).

Zamecnik is a succesful, prize-winning composer of chamber music, orchestral and stage works. During the nineties he became worldwide known for his many brass band compositions and arrangements of different styles. He regularly composes for wind ensembles and brass bands, and in this genre of composition he managed to create something valuable which won him international acclaim. Zamecnik's unique style is notable for its exceptional expression as well as for its specific sense of humor and wit. He has also written several of works for his own instrument, the violin. His children' s opera Ferda the Ant, produced by the Janacek Opera in Brno, has enjoyed over 80 repeat performances. His second children' s opera entitled Bag the Beetle was commissioned by the Prague National Theatre. String Quartet No.2 and Suite for Wind Quintet won awards in the composers's competition for the Prize of the Town of Piestany, his female chorus Beskydy met with appreciation in the national choral competition in Jihlava. There is a mounting interest in the performance of his works abroad, where they have been greeted with favourable reviews. Zamecnik' s compositions for large wind orcherstra have also met with marked success in Czechoslovakia and abroad. For instance the Variations on a Theme by Jindrich Pravecek were obligatory at the 1985 International Competition for Grand Wind Bands in Ostrava, the Moravian Dance called At Harabis was presented at the CISM (International Confederation of Musical Societies Congress in Luxembourg in 1985, and in the same year his Moravian Rhapsody was given a performance in Switzerland, commissioned for the Uster Festival.

In acknowledgement of his merits in the field of orchestral music Zamecnik's piece Babi hura was performed to critical acclaim at the Prague Premieres (a review of selected contemporary works) in 2005. This orchestral composition was written to mark the 150th anniversary of Leos Janacek's birth. For its jubilee 110th season, the Czech Philharmonic commissioned a new work from him, Concerto giocoso, which was performed at the gala anniversary concert in the Dvorak's Hall at Rudolphinum (on 4th January 2006).