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Vladimír Wimmer belongs to the middle-aged generation of the contemporary Czech composers and is one of its most talented representatives. He studied at Jaroslav Jezek´s Academy of Music in Praque, specializing in the bassguitar and the double bass. He worked as a recorder of music manuscripts and as a music editor. Since 1987 he has been a freelance musician.
There were two major influences at the beginning of his compositional career: they were composer Alexej Fried and the theoretician Jaroslav Jelinek. From 1989 he studied composition at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He graduated under professor Ivan Kurz in 1994. What is interesting is to look back through his compositional development. His initial musical background lies in the field of folk music, jazz and rock. At the Academy of Music (HAMU) he worked exclusively in the field of classical music. In the fourth year of his studies his earlier musical nature suddenly broke through. He came back to the roots of his musical beginnings and chose to do a musical for his graduation work. For his later works there are typical more approachable compositions which are characterized by multigenre music projects - alongside a symphonic orchestra and traditional singing choir - including both a rock band and ethnic instrument (didjeridu)to enhance the meditative and mysterious effects on listeners.